Choosing the right guitar to start

If you don’t choose the right guitar to start with, you are likely to give up your guitar dreams. You won’t want to play with it, you won’t like the music you make and you move on. It only happens to other people, you think. Well, no. No. Many more beginners than we think are misguided and buy the wrong guitar. With a guitar that suits you, you will enjoy playing, your motivation will be strengthened and your chances of success will be increased tenfold. The solution is simple. To choose the right guitar, just listen to yourself. Here’s my advice: You should choose the guitar that suits the music you’re listening to. That being said, I will present you with the choice available to you when you want to buy a guitar to get started. Choosing your first guitar You can choose your guitar to begin with from 3 main families of guitars: The classical guitar The folk guitar The electric guitar I will now present you the differences between these 3 guitars, first in video and in the following lines as well. Choosing a classical guitar The classical guitar is the oldest guitar. It is

Siddhartha l’Opéra Rock: The much awaited new musical!

From November 26 to January 5 at the Palais des Sports in Paris, we will discover a musical that will undoubtedly be a great success with more than 30 artists on stage. Musicals have often led us to discover or rediscover the most beautiful myths. Through various cultures and artistic identities, French productions have been enjoying their best years for a long time now. But they have not yet explored everything. That is why, next November, fans of musicals will soon be able to applaud the life of Prince Siddhartha Gautama, better known as Buddha. Although he lived 2500 years ago, he continues to fascinate us at the highest level. He was destined to become a great king during his lifetime, but above all he aspired to know the true nature of man. The musical show Siddhartha l’Opéra Rock will retrace the incredible journey of this great sage who has become a true figure as inspiring as he is mystical in the eyes of everyone in our world today. If the story takes place in northern India 2,500 years ago, it still promises to be modern and meaningful for many. Of course, we expect sumptuous settings to